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Caricatures by Murawski
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Now, currently one of Scottsdale’s premier caricaturists, John’s artistic career began in Chicago, as an architect, initially doing hotel and restaurant design work, and later settling into residential design for luxury chateau estate homes. Before becoming an architect, he immersed himself in creative design schooling, taking courses in industrial design & animation. At the same time, he started doing caricatures at art fairs, city festivals, corporate events, and family celebrations; always top-ranked amongst the major party brokers in the Chicagoland area. He also taught ‘Cartooning’ at elementary schools and junior colleges. Typically, the classes would teach the fundamentals of generating cartoons for real world applications: 
e.g.; avatars, advertising, menu characters, logos, signage, and sport emblems.

Where a ridiculous self interpretation is always our goal!!
Hi, my name is John Murawski, 
and I'd like to be your artist
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 About Me